Thursday, August 25, 2011

grow deeper.

inspiration: answered prayers and more leadership opportunities

lately, i've just been praying for opportunities to be used by God in order to advance His kingdom. i feel like i do a lot, but i wanted something that would force me to grow deeper in Him. i've really felt Him placing "grow deeper" on my heart.

i've had the little kid meal sized nibbles of a relationship with Christ.
it's time for me to move up to the big kid table and start truly going deeper in my relationship with Him.
in small group, we just finished a study for women and towards the end of our study - for the past couple weeks, i've just had the desire to get back into studying His word rather than talking about His word.

tuesday, i finished my "Daily Encouragement for Single Women" devotional. and it was nice and "light", i guess you could say. but i started Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life" yesterday and i'm loving it already. it's not just a "here's a light appetizer anecdote and a small side salad of Scripture for you to ponder today", it's a "BAM! Here's meat and potato meal for thought!" and i love it.

but i have to say the biggest surprise that i've gotten (but, of course, it was no surprise to God) was being asked to pray about becoming a core group leader at theWell. i started going to seacoast the week after i moved here, i instantly got plugged into attending a small group and serving at theWell and i've loved seeing how God has connected me with some amazing people there. i've been serving for a little over seven months now.

i am both blessed and honored to be able to serve with a ministry that i love pouring into. i'm definitely going to be praying about it over the weekend and talking more with Wes, the volunteer coordinator, before i fully commit to it. but i believe that it's something that God is putting on my heart to consider. i wanted to grow deeper in my relationship with Him and He is definitely challenging me to step up and live out my faith in Him.

also, another compliment in a big way, was Ernest Smith, the pastor at theWell complimenting me on my writing! first off, to have a blog reader feels pretty good ;) He wanted me to consider ways to contribute somehow through my writing. i have NO clue what that means or could possibly look like, but definitely something else that may (or may not) be something that God would like me to pursue.

i'm just absolutely amazed at how faithful God has been!
from moving to charleston.
to blessing me with an amazing church family.
to the adventures i've had.
to the opportunities that have i've had and am continuing to have in order to share His love and the amazing message of the Gospel.

i'm blessed beyond belief.
i know that in my desire to grow deeper, the obstacles will get harder.
the stakes are higher and Satan hates that.
but i'm so blessed to be rooted in such an amazing church full of amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who are tending to me and helping me grow. :)


  1. You have many blog readers :)

    I agree with Ernest. Your writing is great and I think God's got big plans for you. I love reading your blog and seeing how you distill a message into a blog format for people to digest. Keep it up!

  2. I also agree with these guys. I love watching God use you. I am encouraged by your faith Nikki.