Sunday, July 3, 2011

you are faithful God

inspiration: devotionals, songs, and Greg's sermon

this morning, i had a "kairos" moment with God.
i was worshiping at Seacoast, as i do every Sunday morning, singing a song that we sing frequently. the chorus goes:

"faithful God, faithful God
constant source of never failing love
always true to Your word and promise
You are faithful God."

the words are so simple.
the concept is so "easy".
yet when it comes to living it out and trusting what it says is a much different story.

it's easy to think: "If He really loved me, He would (fill in the blank) or "Why isn't God coming through for me? I guess He really isn't true to His word or faithful".
and, to be honest, sometimes, i feel like i deserve to be blessed ((and i have these thoughts even after studying the first few chapters of Romans and reading how messed up we are.))

this morning, Greg Surratt shared this quote from Steven Furtick:
"Gratitude begins where entitlement ends."

he shared this at the end of a sermon that had already stepped on my toes.
but that quote definitely punched me in the gut. hard.

i've been so proud (in the bad way) lately, that i've seriously forgotten who and what my life is all about. i've forgotten the absolute foundation of what my faith is about: trusting God. i've been trying to do it all myself that now that i'm at a point where i need to trust in God, i'm impatient, obstinate, and bitter.

Greg preached a sermon about how God says "no" to us sometimes; not because we have done something wrong, but because the timing isn't right. His timing is what matters, not ours.
yesterday and today's devotionals went hand-in-hand with what Greg's sermon was about.

excerpt from yesterday's devotional:
It's one thing to wait on something you've seen, and it's another thing to wait on something you haven't seen. It's hard to get excited for something when you don't know what it looks like. And yet there are so many wonderful unseen things in our lives -- blessings we haven't experienced yet. Jobs we haven't been given. Children who haven't been born. Relationships that haven't begun. Opportunities we haven't been offered. It's exciting to think of all the great things ahead.

Maybe you've been so stuck in the problems of the past that you can't see the future through hopeful eyes. Today, ask the Lord to renew your hope. The days ahead are filled with great adventure...and wonderful, unknown things. Oh, if you only could catch a glimpse! Then you would realize it's worth the wait.

excerpt from today's:
(referring to the Israelites' arrival at the Red Sea after being pursued by the Egyptians)
"The Israelites' plight wasn't a surprise to the Lord. In fact, God brought them to that very place for His purposes. The Israelites would have to exercise their faith and trust Him to save them. The Egyptians would be destroyed when the parted waters engulfed them. The Lord would demonstrate His power and receive glory.

Have you ever encountered a Red Sea experience? Perhaps you felt hemmed in by life's circumstances. God is not taken by surprise. He allowed you to come to this place for certain reasons. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and Satan will be destroyed as faith displaces fear. God will receive the glory.

i know that i get to places where i seriously wonder "Okay, God. Why aren't you answering me?" and i know the answer in my head but i forget in my heart: He is answering my prayers and questions based on HIS plans for me.

in his sermon, Greg also addressed the times where God tells us "No". where what WE want doesn't line up with His plans for us.

"God's 'no' is not a rejection; instead, it's a redirection."

we only have a narrow perspective of His plans for us (our past and our present), so it's easy to think we've been rejected; it's easy to think our plans have completely failed. but God's perspective is far beyond ours. He sees our past, present, AND future. He KNOWS how it all works out.

He will ALWAYS come through for us.
He will ALWAYS be faithful to His plans for us.
He will ALWAYS keep His word.

Romans 8:28:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

are you in a season of doubt?
are you questioning how God will come through?

count your blessings and know that, even though we can't see how it all plays out, God does :)

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