Thursday, July 14, 2011

a few answered prayers.

inspiration: a few answered prayers.

sometimes i get so caught up in the "gotta-do-this-gotta-do-that" moments of life that i forget to truly take time to reflect on what God's doing in my life and how He is using me.

it's hard to think that He would even want to use a crazy asian like me to reach other people and to connect with other believers. i'm pretty much the definition of a "hot mess" sometimes. i stress out too easily and i'm horribly guilty of "Christian amnesia" (i always forget that God's in control and He will come through for me!)

but tonight, i'm taking some time to truly reflect on some answered prayers and how i feel like God is truly working in my life.

1. financial
a little over a month ago, my small group really prayed about areas where we felt God was nudging us to draw closer to Him. be it in making time to pray every day, read the Bible every day, give financially, serve, etc. and we challenged each other and we've been keeping each other accountable for various things.

i felt challenged to begin truly tithing. 10% of my paycheck. first thing.
and while, sometimes it's not always my first bill to pay, it's definitely no later than second. and even though sometimes it'd be nice to have that extra chunk of cash in my bank account, i'm proud to say that i've been faithful and God has always provided, even if it meant i scraped by with single digits left in the bank.

these next few months are going to be the true litmus test of my faith; increasing rent and car payment will prove to be a stretch on the old wallet, but i know that God can AND WILL provide for me month-to-month and for my mission trip in Washington and for my vacation. He is the God who provides!

2. friends
the hardest part of moving was definitely leaving my close-knit group of friends in Clarksville.
and i'm sure that's probably the hardest part of moving for anyone. but i've been mightily blessed with amazing friends here. friends that are becoming more like family.

making friends here who push me to be a better Christ-follower.
meeting people that i am somehow sowing into.

3. spiritual growth
i'm more outgoing here than i was in clarksville and i'm far more outgoing than i ever was in gallatin. i don't really know why that is; i think it's because i've truly found my identity in Christ. a couple people that i've met have told me that i'm filled with joy and that being around me makes them more joyful as well. and while i'm trying to not let that go to my head, it was definitely a compliment that i enjoyed receiving.

i serve a God who gives me joy.
i serve at a church that is drawing me closer to God every day.
i live in a wonderful city that i love (despite the heat advisories and crazy ridiculous humidity).
i have a job.
i have a car.
God is providing for me.

earlier this evening, i wrote in my prayer journal "May You use me somehow to bless others tonight. Give me Your eyes to see those who need You, Lord" and i met an amazingly sweet, energetic girl named Erin. she was excited to be at theWell and she was excited about getting involved and meeting new people. she worshiped with passion and joy during service and i couldn't help but want to be around her because she had such a great spirit. i'm hoping that's what other people feel when they are around me and that's what my friends experienced when they see me and converse with me.

i'm excited to see God's plans for me unfold here.
while things are often tumultuous in other areas of my life, i'm blessed to be rooted and established in my spiritual faith.

i'm humbled greatly to know that even though two years ago i was the furthest from Him that i've ever been, that God would choose me to use here in Charleston.

i am nothing without His grace.
i am nothing without His love.
but even more, i am nothing without Christ Jesus.

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