Friday, July 22, 2011

Christians get amnesia

inspiration: a conversation from SHE-Retreat back in May and an idea that i always forget.

a girl in my break-out group at the SHE-Retreat a couple months back shared this with us:

"hold out your arms in front of you.
this is the furthest God will ever be away from you because this is as far as you can push Him."

this concept is totally true in my life. i try to push God away.
i try my hardest to do things my way.
i get amnesia.
forgetting that He is in control.
forgetting that without Him, i am lost.
forgetting that even though we live in a broken world, He has restored us.
forgetting that even when things look hopeless, He has a plan.

lately, i've been in the "how am i possibly going to get through this..." phase, and completely forgotten that i serve a God who is in absolute control.

He has a plan
Nothing that has happened has caught Him by surprise.

He will provide
He always has and He promises that He always will.

He is in control
i am not in control. i may want to try to be, but ultimately, i am like a morning mist and God is eternal. i serve Him, not the other way around.

i can try and push Him away.
i can try and deny His plans for me.
but i can't.
God is always with me.

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  1. What your friend said is a great point. I know he is all powerful and will help me but to often I push Him away.