Thursday, June 9, 2011

life lessons from UP

inspiration: life lessons from my favorite movie ever.

so if you know anything about me, you probably know that i love adventure. and the movie UP!
i quote it all the time: "Adventure is out there!"

it combines two of my favorite things in life:
adventure and Pixar.

and while it's a wildly entertaining movie, there are a few life lessons that i've taken away from this movie after watching it 4 billion times (actually, i guess a more accurate number would be like 8 times...i'm not THATTTT obsessed...although i do own it now, so that may change ;))

  • the importance of true friendship
  • ellie and carl had a unique friendship based on their love for charles muntz and adventure. this led to what seems to be a very happy and fulfilling marriage. this also plays out incredibly during the movie with russell's growing friendship of dug and kevin and mr. frederickson. russell hadn't been jaded by past hurts and was willing to sacrifice for his friends (dug and kevin), namely when he decided to leave the house and venture off to the evil mr. muntz's blimp in order to save kevin. and of course mr. frederickson and russell's friendship is ultimately portrayed when mr. frederickson comes to russell's senior wilderness explorer badge pinning.
  • you're never too old to experience humility
  • portrayed clearly when mr. frederickson and russell are resting on their first night in south america. mr. frederickson scolds russell for referring to his dad's wife as "Phyllis" but when russell says, "Phyllis isn't my mom", you can almost sense mr. frederickson feeling humbled and almost embarrassed.
  • the importance of sacrifice
  • probably the key thing that almost everyone takes away (or at least should take away) from this movie. it's easy to put ourselves in the spotlight. it's easy for us to focus on "me, me, me" and we see this throughout much of the movie as mr. frederickson seems tunnel-visioned on getting "ellie" to paradise falls. he was hellbent on fulfilling the one thing he promised ellie... but once mr. frederickson realizes that ellie wasn't living for paradise falls (simply enjoying her life with carl), he begins to realize the importance of his relationship with russell and kevin and even dug. mr. frederickson was unwilling to sacrifice his own agenda, until he realized his agenda didn't even matter.
  • adventure is always out there!
  • i know for me, trying new things and experiencing all that life has to offer is a huge part of my life. having goals and not being afraid to dream big is huge! we may not have the dream to live on top of paradise falls and we probably don't have the means to propel our house with balloons to get there. but maybe our dream is to become a senior wilderness explorer instead... having dreams and dreaming big are important in life.

so after reading my "life lessons from Up"...
1. what important things do you need to sacrifice in order to make the most of your life and to be intentional about the relationships and friendships you have?

2. what are your dreams?

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