Monday, June 13, 2011

lessons from plants.

inspiration: i love my plants. but they love me more!
this is a tongue-in-cheek view of the relationship between my plants and me.

so i'm kind of a big deal in my apartment.
i kind of have a posse.

Phil, Jr. and Phil.



i figure the stereotype "cat lady" is too overused: so i'm destined to be a "plant lady".

but i love my plants.
they're pretty low maintenance.
and they teach me a lot about life.

Seymour, Phil (and the newly borne Phil, Jr.), and LB are...

you see, i'm a busy woman. with a nickname like "the little asian that could" and all, i guess it's what's to be expected. but seymour, phil (the newly borne phil, jr) and LB are faithful companions. i may not be there for them as much as i want, but they're always there for me.

when i've had a bad day, they are there to share their oxygen with me and i share my carbon dioxide with them.

full of grace
sometimes i get busy and i become forgetful.
i'll put off watering them for a day. or two.
and i'll look in my sunroom and see Seymour all wilted and sad.
so i immediately give him water and he perks up.
never complains.
never condescends.
but always perks up after a good drink of water.
always grateful and full of life.

my plants are beautiful.
i think all the greenery in my apartment really livens the place up and makes it even more beautiful :)

...and here are some gardening tips from none other than Christopher Walken ;)

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