Sunday, June 19, 2011

lessons from father.

inspiration: Father's Day.

My dad and I many moons ago on vacation at the beach

My dad and I at graduation

Me and Pappy - my grandfather (and a doll that appears to literally be as big as me)

Happy Father's Day!

my dad taught me many things growing up.
from the little things like how to tie my shoes.
that a "6-4-3 double play" in baseball means the short stop (position 6) threw the ball to second base (4) to get the first out and then the second baseman threw it to first base (3) to get the second out.
to driving a car (and how to eat while driving a car ;)).

to the big things.

like sacrifice.
and unconditional love.
and how to maintain the respect of others.
and to live with integrity.

i played soccer for three years and cheered for three years.
he coached my soccer team for, i think, 4 of my 6 seasons.
and ended up leaving a job at a large printing factory with good benefits to a job that paid far less, had far worse benefits, and not to mention he has to deal with criminals (he is now a corrections officer at the county jail - so fellas, best be treatin' me right or you'll have to deal with him ;)) in order to see me cheer at all the football games and basketball games.

i've made so many mistakes over the years, but there is no love like a father's love.
i remember my first (and only!) ticket that i got, i came home and cried.
i was bawling on the couch because i just KNEW i was going to get in big trouble.
know what my dad did? he laughed.

and when i got my heart broken, he was there for me to extend grace for all the mistakes i had made.

he is "Mr. E" at the sumner county jail.
he deals with thieves, murderers, drug addicts.
and while they've made mistakes (some of them large scale ones), he still treats them with respect.
he sets them straight and keeps them in line (and sprays them with mace if they start causing a ruckus).
but they respect him.

sometimes people just need to be treated with respect.
and that's what my dad does.
he really lives out the golden rule and lives with integrity.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

i love my daddy and i'm thankful for him.

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