Thursday, June 30, 2011

character check.

inspiration: Ernest is back at theWell!

after being on sabbatical and away from theWell for like 7 weeks, Pastor Ernest was back tonight!
he shared thoughts on what God spoke to him about while he was gone.
some questions/things i took away from his message tonight:

what in my character needs to be more like Jesus?
i need to be more intentional with those around me (and with Christ)
in our weaknesses, Christ's power is revealed

i've been wrestling with some things the past couple weeks; i've been trying to nail down what was truly the root issue of all of it, and Ernest kind of asked the question that i'd been trying to find.

i've realized that lately, my time with Him has been sparse and my prayer time has been lacking.

in our small group, we often reference "the pendulum".
it's the concept that there are two stages: "abide" and "fruit" and we are constantly swinging back and forth between the two. "abide" refers to the time where we are trusting in God and listening to Him and "fruit" is where we are out serving others and bearing the fruit of our faith. we can't stay too long in one season: we must start serving others and showing our faith in our deeds (fruit), but we must also take time to rest and be renewed in Him (abide).

i feel like i've been in the "fruit" phase for a while now and that it's time for me to start abiding once again.

and what Ernest talked about tonight brought to light the fact that i need to be more intentional about my relationship with Him. i need to strive to KNOW him more intimately and to truly commit to Him. it's not something that i can just overcome on my own: i need His strength, but when it comes to weeding the junk out of my life that is coming between us, I know that He WILL reveal Himself.

it's not always easy (in fact, it rarely is) to let go of junk that has become such a natural part of my life; but God is always pruning us and refining us to strengthen our faith in Him. it's time to swing back to the season of "abide" and to truly call on Him for my strength and peace.

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  1. Glad you shared this. It was great to read it. I have been needing to spend more time praying and in the word.