Sunday, May 15, 2011

music is powerful.

inspiration: music is powerful.

everyone has at least one song that has impacted them in some way shape or form.
whether it reminds you of a friend, family member, experience. we all have them.

for me, any time i hear "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw, i think of my dad.
"Bottoms Up" reminds me of Katie Smith.
"All I Do Is Win" reminds me of DJ HK.
"Party in the USA" is totally Kelsey's song.
and Brooke, well she and i share many songs.

but there are so many songs that remind me of so much more.
there are a handful of songs that pretty much stop me dead in my tracks every time. they remind me just how valuable i am, how much Christ loves me, and how amazing the God i serve really is!
if and when you're ever with me and this song starts playing, be prepared for me to transport to a different time and place. just saying.

Beautiful The Blood - Fee

Beautiful - MercyMe

With Everything - Hillsong

Waiting Here For You - Christy Nockels

music is powerful. it impacts us even when we least expect it to. the end.

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  1. I LOVE YOU NIKKI!!!!!! :) and I love singing songs with you! :)