Thursday, April 28, 2011

the untitled book for my daughter project

inspiration: i'm writing a book.

a couple weeks ago, i shared my heart and thoughts about the
"ministry" i've had on my heart and mind for a while - to share my heart with young women about finding their worth and identity in Christ. i haven't done much other than just "thinking" about it.

until today.

driving home on my lunch break, i heard a song on the radio that prompted me to really start thinking about how i want my future children to see relationships, especially my daughters. and i felt like God finally revealed that he wanted me to write all of my emotions and thoughts down. but not like i do with my blogs. no. i feel like this is supposed to be something deeper and more personal than my blogs.

if you're reading this, i could definitely use a lot of prayer for this endeavor.
it's by no means going to be like a huge New York Best Seller book, but it's still something i need God's provision in. i definitely need the wisdom and words. it's not going to be an easy or quick process, but it's something that i definitely have a heart and passion for. :)

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