Friday, April 1, 2011

epic twenty second.

inspiration: it's my birthday, fool ;)

so today marks the day i've been on the planet for twenty two years.
i had to work today, which was pretty much...normal.

i got flowers from my friends Margaret and Sarah and flowers from my parents! :D
i also had cupcakes delivered to me by Kim C. (who i work with...her husband is actually my boss) from Cupcake (one of the local cupcake shops in Charleston) from Kim D. and Katie from back home. I was pretty much in heaven when I saw the box! :D

So blessed to have so many awesome people back home who love and are still investing in me, even though I'm two states away! But I'm also blessed to have so many people here who are investing in me at Seacoast and at work :)

I met Mel at California Dreaming for dinner. and it was amazing!
Not only is Mel investing in me spiritually, but also as a friend :) Plus, she's introduced me to some pretty awesome restaurants! And if you know me, I love food :)

After that, I went to see The Thorn. An EPIC portrayal of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I heard it described as Passion of the Christ meets Cirque de Soleil. And it pretty much was! It was fantastic. I cried, but in the best way possible. I guess I always forget just how deep the love of Christ for me runs. Even though it was total acting, just watching the actors portray the brutal torture and crucifixion of Christ brought me to tears. His blood shed for me. His life given for mine.

It was heart-wrenching, but so amazing!

I miss family and friends back home, for sure.
This time last year, I was getting a tattoo and eating at Backyard Burger.
This year, I had a pretty low-key birthday -- dinner with Mel and a show.
But I'm so blessed by the work God has done in me since last year.
And I'm so blessed by His love and mercy for me.

It's been an epic birthday.
Can't wait to see what God will do in and through me this year :)

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