Saturday, April 30, 2011

a compilation of my fave "relationship" posts.

inspiration: singleness.

so let me be real honest.
i'm single and trying my darnedest to be at peace with this fact.
i was created to be a companion to my "Adam" (whoever and wherever he may be), so naturally i want that.

but i've had a lot of mini-kairos moments where i feel like God is really trying to draw me closer to Him. He's trying to get me to see the value of being single and unattached and able to be used for His Kingdom!

and i love reading blogs getting advice and wisdom about relationships. especially, from older wiser people who know much more than "the little asian that could" does.

here are some of my faves:

  • 18 Myths Singles Believe...
    I came across this one earlier after checking out Perry Noble's blog. I will admit, I believe(d) some of these myths and I definitely need to get the right perspective NOW as a single woman so that I don't fall prey to disappointment in struggle when I become an "attached" woman.
  • Every single dude and "dud-ett" should read this
    Again, I came across this earlier. I definitely wish I had this kind of accountability and wisdom earlier in my life.
  • Meet: A Guy's Perspective
    I actually just came across this blog as I was starting this post and I really like the honest perspective given. Society tends to focus on one side's strength and the other's weakness at the same time and I've seen that numerous times in movies, magazine articles, commercials, etc.

    "TIME ALWAYS EQUALS INTENTION" was my favorite line because it rings so true in my life. i have to be careful who i invest more-than-an-average-amount-of-time with when it comes to guys because i don't want to lead them on; nor do i want to be led on.
  • I Will Wait For You
    Pretty much my favorite relationship blog of all time.
  • Date to Find Your Mate
    This was written by my friend, Brad, back last year. I remember reading it and immediately texting him saying thanks! it's so easy to try and be our own matchmaker. i'm 100% guilty of impatience with regard to relationships (hence, the reason why i'm writing this...) but Brad's post was a great reminder to myself that it's all in God's hands and it's up to His timing and we must always remember that our relationship with God is the one that needs our attention, first and foremost in our lives!

...and here are some of my personal blog posts about relationships. some full of advice; some as just personal revelations.
  • Dear Sisters
    my heart felt expression of concern for my sisters in Christ. i pray that we will all wait for our Princes/Warrior-Poets. i pray we will all save our pearls for our prince rather than throwing them to pigs.
  • to the damsels in distress and the princes fighting for them
    brothers, there are still princess worth fighting for.
    sisters, there are still princes who will fight for you.
  • disillusioned
    One of the boldest posts I think I've written. We're far too obsessed with chasing our emotions rather than the chasing what true love is.

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