Tuesday, March 8, 2011

loving me.

inspiration: learning to embrace where i am and who i am

it's often said that no one can truly love you until you love yourself.
this is true, except for when it comes to God. God loves us no matter what.
He knows us. He knew us before the world was made. He created us and He loves us above all.
He knows my strengths. My weaknesses. My imperfections. My flaws. Everything.
in fact, it's all part of His plan.

i'm bold and headstrong and i'm super hard on myself.
my self-discipline and determination are my biggest strengths.
but also my biggest weaknesses.

if i'm honest, i've gone through a rough patch lately.
with life and with myself.
i've come to realize that i can't love the journey i'm on if i'm not at peace with where God has me and with who He has created me to be. i have to love me. i'm the daughter of the Lord Most High and a co-heir with Christ. one day, i'll be holy and righteous and perfect in His sight.

but while i'm here on earth, i must learn to embrace myself:

  • i love my thirst for knowledge: i don't want to stop learning.
  • i love my self-motivation: i love pushing myself to be better.
  • i love my spirit of adventure: "Adventure is out there!" and "What's life without whimsy?"
  • im blessed by faith: God is strengthening me every day to trust in Him a little more
  • i love my heart for children: around this time last year, i started serving in kids' ministries and i'm so thankful for all the opportunities it has led me to.
  • i love my quirkiness: so what if i love word puzzles?! boys like brains!! (...they do, right?!)
...but there are of course those little things i need to get work on. and i know that once i can learn to embrace where God has me, nothing will be able to stop me from being the beautiful daughter Christ has created me to be!
  • i'm controlling: i need to learn to just go-with-the-flow and trust that even when things seem out of control, that they're truly in God's control.
  • i'm self-centered: sometimes humility is a hard-fought battle. i tend to be set in my ways and in order to be a brighter light for Christ, i have to learn to be humble and compassionate and to not make it all about me.
  • i'm impatient: goes hand-in-hand with the first two. but trusting in God's timing will bring ultimate peace.
  • i'm bad with my money: "with great paychecks come great responsibility." (that's how the old saying goes, right?!) learning to be more generous with my money is something trusting in God's provision will allow me to become
  • i tend to feel lonely and anxious about singleness: developing a stronger relationship with Christ is key in finding ultimate peace and joy in my season of singleness. i'm truly never alone and i shouldn't be anxious about anything. God's timetable is perfect and His plans for me are foolproof and flawless.

my identity can't be found in my job. my relationship status. my location.
it can only be found in Christ because of who He has created me to be and who He is leading me to become.

i encourage you to evaluate yourself. know that God doesn't see your strengths as "good" or weaknesses as "bad" - He merely uses both to draw us closer to Him. in any situation, my "strength" of self-motivation could be derived as good or bad: good in a sense that i can push myself to, for instance, become a better runner; bad in a sense, that it can also push me to become prideful and arrogant about my accomplishments.

but in the grand scheme of things, it's not about me, it's about Him.
and i want to shine for Him above all.
i want to be a light for Him - to shine brighter than the stars for His glory.
and to do that, i must love myself for who i am and the woman He has created me to be.
i'm not perfect, but i'm His daughter.
He loves me, so I should love me, too!

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