Saturday, March 12, 2011

a beautiful letdown

Inspiration: listening to switchfoot and embracing the experience of walking my first half-marathon!

Basically, I love running. I'm not particularly good at it, but I enjoy it. Enough to have stuck with it for over 7 months and to have done 8 races :)

I was in the midst of training to run my first marathon in 5 weeks. But a couple weeks ago, my first hurdle occured: ankle pain! I tried remedying it with new shoes and a few days of rest. But now, three weeks and a new pair of shoes later, my pride finally surrendered: I'm not running my half marathon. I will instead be walking it. With confidence.

Sure, I could endure 13 miles of pain, but at what cost? What if I truly do injure myself far worse? Would it be worth it? Probably not.

What do I have to lose if I walk it? Will people really judge me if I say "I walked my half" rather than say "I ran my half"? Doubtful. And I think that's what I feared most. Being judged for walking. Pretty lame, I know.

My pride is such a stumbling block to my walk of faith.
And realizing I can't run this half-marathon has been a beautiful letdown. But I've finally come to a place where I can be HAPPY about walking 13.1 miles in a few weeks! Not only am I incredibly blessed to be able to walk, but I am rejoicing in the opportunity! It will be pretty awesome that's for sure!!

And maybe, when I make time to go to a specialist and see what's going on with my ankles and get proper treatment, maybe ill be able to step up again and pursue running a half-marathon again.

But until then, I embrace my beautiful letdown.
And walk with confidence rather than shame! :)

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  1. YOU ARE GONNA ROCK IT! :) walking it is definitely a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!!!