Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"your hole's off!"

inspiration: a Costa Rica memory and having the wrong perspective today.

"Your hole's off!"

This quote will either make you laugh or make you go, "uh, what!"
If you're a normal person, it will be the latter.
But if you're a Foxy Fencer (plus Steve), you know what I'm talking about...

...but to fill all you "normal" people in, basically here's what happened:
In Costa Rica, Jennifer, Brenda, Kerby, Gail, Betsy, Steve (the only male -- poor guy) and myself worked to dig holes to set fence posts around the guard's house at the Project. it was a tedious task because these holes had to be like 9 meters apart and 50 cm deep....so we were told.
we spent the greater part of an afternoon digging these holes where we thought they were supposed to be and making them the depth we thought they were supposed to be.

...but the next morning, the group found out something that made our jaws drop: they were off.
we (well, the other "Foxy Fencers") had to fill in the original holes and dig another set of holes so they would be accurate.

it would've been easy to say "forget it!" and to throw our hands up in disgust. we had spent several hours digging holes the day before. but we (they) didn't. they dug those holes like champions (i know this because when i got down there that afternoon, almost all the replacement holes were dug).

they knew their mission: to dig holes. to glorify Christ in labor.
they kept their perspective and their focus on God.
...and when all was said and done, we weren't even focused on the old holes.
the focus was on the fence.

i had a very similar experience today. and was reminded by my dear friend, Brenda, that my perspective was off and that i needed to focus on Him!

i had a meeting with my supervisors and a couple other managers today to discuss some high-priority fixes that need to be made to the sales database (the one i'm over. read about that here).
i left that meeting with knots the size of russia in my stomach.
long story short, i have 5 big hot-button projects to prioritize and complete.
i wrote down the "User Stories" (a component of the AGILE software development cycle; it basically identifies our projects)

over my lunch break, i came home, feeling almost helpless and overwhelmed.
i listened to part of a sermon in the series "The DNA of Joy" and it helped me to get my focus back on what really mattered: Christ.
after my lunch break was over, i went back to work, ready to take on the task.

i had a few "technical" issues to get fixed on my computer, but they got fixed (relieving me from part of my stress) and i also sat down with my supervisor to further discuss my projects. tomorrow, i'll spend most of my morning breaking down my project user stories into tasks, which will not only help me stay organized, but it will also give me a 'to-do' list to check off (you guys probably know how "Pro-to-do" list i am :))

it was easy for me to get caught up in my "hole being off".
but taking time to get everything into perspective and know that it's not the end of the world made a world of difference to me today.
because when all is said and done, the stress won't matter.
the final product will.

Anxiety weighs down the heart,
but a kind word cheers it up.
(Proverbs 12:25)

thanks to my friends and my amazing God who helps me stay focused on what's important. :)

...and i rarely post pictures, but talking about the fence, i couldn't resist ;)

Jen digging

Me standing in the hole Jen and I dug

the "Foxy Fencers" (minus Steve) -- we were immensely proud of that fence!

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