Tuesday, February 22, 2011

something to be thankful for.

inspiration: give thanks always.

it's been a rough week, physically, spiritually, mentally, and especially emotionally.
but to keep things lighthearted this evening, i want to list a few things that i'm thankful for.

  • my family: mom may be sick and dad may be stressed, but i have a family that supports me no matter what i'm doing or where i am.
  • friends who are praying for my parents and myself
  • strangers who are praying for me. i've been tweeting for prayers and a couple people who i don't even know are lifting prayers up for all us.
  • Jesus! there is no way i would have the strength that i do if it weren't for Him.
  • my job: it wears me out sometimes, and i get really frustrated and overwhelmed more days than not, but i'm incredibly blessed to have it! it's filled with a lot of learning opportunities and that proves to be the most overwhelming part. i have to start relying on Christ's strength rather than trying to take it all on myself. it's not an easy job and i won't learn everything right off the bat like i did in school. so maybe this job will teach me the virtue of patience :P
  • my reading time -- throughout my "facebook fast" i've been able to read more and devote myself to reading more. i'm not worried about "what so-and-so is doing" and i've enjoyed being able to read more.
  • singleness: i cringe to type this, because Lord knows I want someone to share my life with. but i'm blessed for this season and for all the opportunities that lie ahead for me. i must hold unswervingly to the hope I have in God's plans -- if I'm meant to be married, God will inevitably bring that person into my life on His timetable; if that means being single until I'm 30, then I will make the most of this season with Christ.

i finished "The Hiding Place" last night. it was amazing to read about Corrie and Betsy ten Boom and their undying faith in Christ, even through the harshest circumstances. :)
i started reading "Twelve Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur yesterday. I've read Chapter 1 about Eve and I'm going to do the study guide questions for it.

i have so much to be thankful for.
but the greatest thing i could ever have is Jesus!
He strengthens me.
He comforts me.
He loves me.

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