Friday, February 4, 2011

shout out to an unsung hero

inspiration: thinking about a person who has truly made an impact in my life whether they realize how substantial or not.

there is a person i was thinking about this morning who has had a great impact in my life, even though we really haven't known each other for very long. this person is an amazing leader and i love hearing and reading about how God is using them for His ministry. God brought this person into my life right at the perfect time and it amazes me to think about how only God could've worked everything out so intricately and perfectly. their heart and passion to lead others to Christ overwhelms me. they're a dreamer and they know nothing is too big or too small for God to handle and i admire that so much about them. i'm more of a follower - give me something to do and i'll do it - but seeing this person's heart for leadership inspires me. unfortunately, now that i'm in charleston, i won't ever get to see this person or talk to them as often as i'd like to, but i still think about them and i pray that God will continue to use them to advance His kingdom! and i know God definitely will do some incredible things in and through them.

my prayer is that each one of us will reach out to one another and encourage one another in Christ. :)

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