Monday, February 28, 2011

out of my hands.

inspiration: I'm not in control.

I need to realize that everything happens for a reason. Every single thing has a time and a purpose. On God's timetable, everything happens at the precise perfect time.

It's out of my hands, my worries will never speed up or hinder the process. I need desperately to trust God and to give up my burdens to Him.

I pray that God will speak to me over these next few days and that my heart will be surrendered to Him. I've been very foolish and selfish lately and I feel like my guards need to come down. I desire to be broken down and built back up with Christ's love, mercy, and strength.

My life is not my own.
Why bother trying to make it about me?
I should be serving and making my life an outpouring for Christ's name.
I'm not in control.

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