Friday, February 25, 2011

Not a label. More like a light.

inspiration: this road trip is giving me time to process life.

So I'm sitting in Cracker Barrel reflecting on some thoughts I've been processing through over the first half of my 9-hour trek to surprise my parents.

One thing I pondered was last night's sermon at theWell about being the dangerous church. It was focused mostly on the "big-C" Church, but I took a lot away from it on a more personal level.

What will my eternal impact be as a member of the body of Christ? I'm not content to just wear a label that says "Christian".I'm not content just going to church. I'm not content to just be a number. I'm not willing to sit back and let others shine for Jesus while I live a comfortable, safe-in-my-own-little-box life.

I want to BE the church.
I want to serve my brothers and sisters.
I want to be more than a label. I want to be a LIGHT!
I want my life to mean more to others than it does to me.
...and I challenge us all as a part of the "big-C" Church - the true body of Christ to be willing to rip off our labels of "Christian" that say "I go to church" and start shining with the glory and light of Christ to say "I AM the Church! I shine for Christ!"

I don't know what all this will look like for me and I don't know what it will look like for you. All I know is that we were all meant to shine like stars for Christ (see Philippians 2:15) and we can't do that if we're content to sit back and wear a label rather than being what our label is supposed to represent.

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