Friday, February 4, 2011

never in my life...

inspiration: i bought Anchorman.

i now own 3 Will Ferrell movies. it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
but it is. i feel i can no longer refer to myself as a "Will Ferrell"-hater.
never in my life did i think this day would come...

prior to about a month ago, i spent the last like 5 years of my life as a "Will Ferrell"-hater. prior to about a month ago, i proudly exclaimed that i only liked two of his movies: Elf (family friendly) and A Night At The Roxbury (freshman year staple movie for Brooke and I...only because we really liked the music).

i didn't like Talledega Nights when i first saw it and i hated Kicking and Screaming.
so i proudly kept my label as "will ferrell" hater because it was easy to judge his movies as stupid and i saved like $10 and two hours of my life when friends invited me to go see a will ferrell new release.

but a month ago, i gave in and watched Anchorman. and i laughed. and laughed. and laughed.
shattered were my expectations of a will ferrell movie.
completely shattered.

my reason for this is because i've matured. maybe not in my personality and the way i act (because i still act like an immature teenage girl most days) and certainly not in my choice of movies (again, it's will ferrell we're talking about here :P).

but in high school, i was a sheltered, naive, closed-minded girl.
cursing, references to alcohol, sex, and drugs made me cringe.
not to say that these things don't faze me today, but i handle them differently.

i've gotten over my closed-mindedness.
i've gotten over my judgmental ways.
i've let my guard down.

now, i'm speaking only speaking hypothetically, because i may watch his movies, hate them, and return to my former opinion, but i wonder what i've missed out on...never in my life did i think i would ever say that...

...and never in my life did i think i would ever find a link between my thoughts of Will Ferrell and my faith...but i did: i think we all too often make our judgments prematurely and don't allow God's plans for us unfold. i know i'm HORRIBLY guilty of this.
i'm pretty hard-headed.
i say the word "never" and i'll do my best to make sure that it never happens for the sake of pride, even if it's something really small and stupid (like my so-called disdain for will ferrell movies).

but like i said, i've matured over the years.
and especially lately with my "life" decisions.

what if i had determined to never to step out of my comfort zone?
i never would've skydived, ziplined, started running.
what if i had determined to never live outside tennessee?
i wouldn't be here in Charleston.
what if i had determined to never go back to church?
i would've missed out on Grace Community, my small group, my friends.
what if i had determined to never serve others.
i would've missed out on Operation Serve 2009, Grace Acres, and going to Costa Rica on a mission trip.

...and i honestly can't imagine having missed out on opportunities like those.

i'm slowly learning to let my guard down.
i'm slowly learning to never say never.
because God knows what plans He has for us.
and we can never say never to God's plans.
it just don't fly ;)

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  1. just like Justin Beiber says...NEVER SAY NEVER!!!