Wednesday, February 2, 2011

first wednesday.

inspiration: it's the first wednesday of the month. seacoast church hosts a huge "First Wednesday" service.

so Seacoast does this First Wednesday "thing" and i decided to try it out tonight. i even drove to the main campus in Mount Pleasant -- about 20 minutes from where i live -- to check it out. i was blown away by the church. i haven't worshiped in a formal "church building" in over 3 years (if you count the fact that i didn't attend church regularly the latter part of middle or high school, we're talking almost 8 years!). but so far, i like it. but i couldn't believe how many people were there to worship and how big it was.

but building and people aside, i wasn't sure what to expect. the first hour was pure worship. it was pretty awesome. and then the guest speaker, Matthew Barnett, author of The Cause Within You, spoke. he was very enthusiastic and a very dynamic speaker - kept you awake and engaged, for sure!!

matthew is the founder of LA Dream Center and hearing all about it was just incredible!
Check it out here!

the message he kind of hammered home from the beginning was that we often are looking for our purpose. we ask ourselves, others, and God "What was I created to do?"
matthew said it bluntly: you were created to serve God and serve others. and he even went further to say "When you are serving God and serving others, your 'cause' will come to you!"

he began ministering to people in the roughest parts of LA, reaching out to the homeless, impoverished, drug-addicted, prostitutes, and those who were just plain broken and in need of the Gospel. he didn't "sign up" to minister to this particular demographic. but as he began serving and meeting the needs of the few that were around him, God began opening doors for him to lead and minister to others. and the movement just kept growing and growing!

but his message really hit home to me.
often, we wait around, waiting for God to just reveal His plans to us explicitly.
but often, it's not in the sitting and waiting do we hear God speak to us.
it's when we are engaged and serving and living out our lives!

i know, personally, i didn't feel a strong connection until i stepped up and started serving in Grace Acres. i was incredibly nervous and awkward, because i didn't know anyone. i wasn't sure if i would "fit in". but little by little, i fell in love with serving kids and eventually i found my "place"! more and more, i feel confident that i'm living out God's will for me because only when i'm serving others do i feel "complete".

so being here is kind of a culture shock.
i want to be out there serving others.
but i don't want to get in over my head, either.

starting a new job and learning my way around charleston, i believe, is most important.
but i know that i, for sure, want to get plugged into a "Life Group" and i want to start serving.

i'm eager to start finding my "place" here. whether it's at Seacoast or whether God leads me somewhere else.


...but that was my first "First Wednesday" experience.
btw, i also had the awesome experience of walking out a different door than when i came in, walked around the parking lot for a couple minutes, went back inside, walked around trying to find where i came in, and finally got to the right place.

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