Thursday, February 24, 2011

fast is over. now to live dangerously.

inspiration: technically, i shouldn't have ended my fast until tomorrow, but hey....

so my facebook fast is over.
it's awesome to be back on it, but at the same time, it's different. i was excited to post my statuses and respond to comments and to all the prayer responses that were made. but i truly have no desire to start reading people's statuses.

i've decided i want to at least do a facebook fast once a week. maybe "facebook fast friday" or something. just to keep my online time in check and to make sure that my priorities are still in line. spending less time online was awesome; i was able to read and do some other productive activities, like clean my apartment and do crosswords and word puzzles (yes, i know - my nerd alarm is going off like crazy). less facebook = awesomeness :D

but tonight at theWell, we started a new series called "Dangerous Church".
the sermon went differently than i kind of expected it to, but it still challenged me.

i would venture to say that i've lived a "dangerous" life, lately.
i've definitely been far outside my comfort zone; but i still pray, more and more, that i'm living out God's will for me :D i pray that even though i'm blessed to live in a great city, attend a great church, have a great job, and to be surrounded by amazing friends and family, that if God is calling me to give that up, i pray that i'm willing to do it! it's hard. shoot, it was hard giving up facebook for a week.

but i want to live radically.
even more radically than i'm already seemingly living.
it seems strange to say, but i want to be "dangerous".
it's so counter-cultural to want to be radically abandoned to Christ, because, let's face it, what if He is calling you to do something that's uncomfortable?!

He's called me to take some leaps of faith before.
...and let me tell you, they're amazing! the sense of peace and ultimately the JOY that i'm able to delight in with Christ in those moments is indescribable.
i want more of that!!
i want to be truly and radically abandoned.
i want to step out. live outside the "comfortable" box.
i want to be counter-cultural. radical. dangerous.

it's a scary thought.
but i'll follow Christ where He leads.

"to live is Christ and to die is gain" -Philippians 1:21

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