Sunday, January 16, 2011

what costa rica taught me.

inspiration: a frustrating situation at MIA

when you read this, i will probably have been home for quite a while though, and hopefully i will be with luggage. otherwise, there will be someone with access to a week's worth of dirty laundry...and rain boots...
...but God is faithful and will take care of my polka-dotted suitcase wherever it is.

at the current time, i'm sitting in the miami airport.
my and the Pennington's luggage followed yellow dots to the checked baggage while the rest of the other members of the team followed orange.

and as i sit here in the airport, i have already been bombarded with "American" culture: in costa rica, things were so laid-back. the "Ticans" (Costa Ricans) were more worried about relationships with people than schedules. kerby and jason let us know early on that the Ticans at the Project weren't worried about how much work we got done, but how deep the relationships formed were. but we landed in the Miami airport almost two hours ago, and it was a constant "Go here!" "Do this!" "Follow the yellow dots!" (while the rest of the team was told to follow orange ones =/

The Pizza Hut by our gate closed at 8:30 and as we started lining up at 8:25, they started closing up. They were more worried about leaving, getting off, and were very adamant about leaving us in the dust with nothing to eat. finally, someone heard the pleas about how there was a line of people waiting for food, and she quickly was like "What do you guys need?"

i find that kind of sad.
a group of six workers or so and only ONE willing to serve a line of hungry people.
before this trip, i probably would've been upset (as i am), but i probably would've just brushed it off. and this really bothers me now. not so much about the Pizza Hut workers - this incident is but a speck in the grand scheme of things.

this really makes me think: am i the same way? maybe i'm not as outright cold and as rude as those workers were, but am i quick to give the cold shoulder? am i quick to consider MY schedule and MY agenda before others?? i know my Tican brothers and sisters in Christ certainly wouldn't.

"Pura Vida" they would say!
Costa Rica taught me to be take things as they come.
"Flex and bend". I don't want that to be solely my missions trip motto. I want it to be the motto of my life!

Flex and bend as hardships come.
Flex and bend as circumstances change.
Flex and bend as I am called to serve others before myself.

I may have made but a small speck of an impact on Costa Rica.
But Costa Rica made a large, earth-shattering impact on me.

P.S. i just got home WITH luggage ;)

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