Wednesday, January 19, 2011

trying my hand at something new...

inspiration: i'm going to submit something to Clarksville Family Magazine

i've been told i'm a good writer.
i've been blogging for a little over a year and i love it.
i, honestly, don't foresee it becoming anything more than a hobby (but you know how that goes. i never thought i'd go on a missions trip. i never thought i'd be willing to move out of Tennessee. God's plans always override mine!) but after talking to my dear friend, Brenda, who works for Clarksville Family Magazine, i thought i'd give it a shot and write something to submit.

so i did.

not going to give any details away, just in case it is published at some point.
but i'm very excited about the possibility!

it was incredible, though, because i *thought* i knew what i wanted to write about. i even started writing out my story. but in His typical fashion, God started tweaking my heart, laying different words and Scriptures on my heart, and I ended up completely changing what I wrote about. I LOVE those "Jesus" moments!

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