Wednesday, January 12, 2011

servant's heart

inspiration: Chad and Brenda Hunley's devotional! i love them SOO much! they are incredible people! Me encanta mi Brendita ♥♥♥

brenda and chad hunley led our devotional tonight. they read luke 5:1-11 about the calling of the first disciples and how two fisherman (one of which was Simon Peter) had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Yet, when Jesus told them to lower their nets and their boat was overloaded!!

Peter's response was "Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man."
Jesus' response was "Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men."

after they returned home, they left everything and followed him.

it was an incredible leap of faith.
this is the exact same thing Jason and Kerby did.

they left their family.
they left their church.
they left the comforts of home.
they left their country.

but God has provided and is continuing to provide for them in more ways than possible! it has been an absolute HONOR to not only get to serve with missionaries from my home church, but also get to serve with my FRIENDS! Jason and Kerby have such great hearts and great spirits and being around them has been such a blessing!

i know that for me, i want to come back in march.
i don't think the opportunity will work out for me, but i definitely WILL be back!
i wish i knew whether or not "full time" missions was for me.
i don't feel like i'm being called to do anything like full-time missions work because i've always been so driven to work in the field and in the world. i feel like it is my calling to be a missionary in my job and to my sphere of influence.

i have loved more than words can describe being able to serve with an awesome team and amazing project!

but maybe God will call me to drop my nets and follow Him.
wherever He leads, I will follow. that's for sure.
He always provides.

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