Sunday, January 23, 2011

my legacy.

inspiration: i want to do more than just exist...

tonight was my last small group at the Denley's :(
it was a bittersweet evening, but i'm glad i got to spend my last evening in Clarksville with the people i love!

our discussion stemmed from our sermon this morning about walking in faith. this morning, Ron talked about our trip to costa rica and talking with jason and kerby about their walks of faith at our devotional one night. and our discussion started with that and slowly branched off into how we can only see up to the horizon and what's beyond is unknown or unseen. everyone in my small group is either a student or recent graduate. we're all still trying to figure out where life is taking us and what our purpose is. we're all kind of walking in faith where we are now and trusting that what we're studying (or what our degrees are) is not going to be wasted. none of us know what the future holds. it's easy to look around us and compare ourselves to each other; sometimes it's a good thing, but sometimes it can hinder us. like, for me, seeing others succeed makes me want to succeed as well, but it also can be overwhelming when i don't.

RT @perrynoble: To think that you cannot make a difference in the world is an insult to a Holy God who created you for that very purpose!
this was the FB status of one of my friends and i felt like it was relevant to what we were discussing. we are all created for one purpose: to glorify God!!! when we forget that, the results can be devastating - often times, it will break us for one reason or another. we'll either get so consumed with ourselves that we end up isolated and, ultimately, alone or we will forget what we are TRULY worth.

we are worth so much more than the world gives us credit for.
we are worth so much more than we often give each other credit for.
we have different plans. we have different purposes.

"For God does not show favoritism." -Romans 2:11

Christ died for ALL of us on THE Cross.
He loves us all the same. and we were meant to glorify Him all the same.

...eventually the question came up: "what do you want your legacy to be?"

i gave my sarcastic "the little asian that could ... and did!" and that was pretty much it and eventually, had to make my departure in order to come home.

but i was seriously considering it on the drive home...
(i always have serious conversations with myself between clarksville and gallatin...gonna miss those drives)

above the "crazy asian" and "the little asian that could" nicknames.
beyond my witty sarcasm, incredible ability to overachieve, determination and extreme self-discipline.
i want to be known for my PASSION FOR CHRIST.

one night in Costa Rica, Dr. Boles led our devotional and the question that stood out in my mind was "Do the people around you know you're a Christian?". While it's easy for me to say "Yes" for my sphere of influence in Clarksville, in Charleston, I'm starting over.
and i want it to be known among the people i meet there that my faith is more than just a word written in ink on my wrist. i want it to be a lifestyle that's seen daily.

my goal isn't to go and evangelize every day at work.
but my goal IS to show the heart of Christ every single day.
at work.
at home.
at Walmart.
at the beach. (cuz you know i'll be there ;))

my legacy won't be about "the little asian that could".
i want my legacy to be about Christ!

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