Monday, January 10, 2011

made new

inspiration: the awesome devotional from Brittnye and Matt Pennington. this is a couple that i am so excited to get to serve with. not only were they part of Team Awesome but they are a great couple with great hearts and a great sense of humor! it's been an honor to serve with them!

Matt and Brittnye pennington did an amazing devotional tonight that really spoke to my heart. for a few hours this morning, i pulled nails and screws from donated wood.

it was tedious.
it was frustrating.
it was hard!

some of the nails were bent and hard to pull out.
some of the staples were buried beneath the surface.
some of them came right out.
some of them, we literally had to DIG out of the wood.

but the analogy that brittnye made was between the wood we were de-nailing and the nails on the cross. all the nails and screws and staples we pulled represented our sins.

some of them are just easy to make peace with.
some of them took a little more effort to get over.
but most of them took a long time and a lot of effort to overcome.
but God keeps pulling the nails out of us.
no matter how deep the nail is. no matter how much we struggle against him. (i did feel at times that the staples were conspiring against me because they kept breaking, which meant i had to chisel and DIG them out!)

another point that matt made was that when he helped brittnye pull a few nails before lunch, there was a hole left. but the scripture they referenced was:

Revelation 21:5
"He who was seated on the throne said, 'I am making everything new!'"

this wood is brought to us full of nails.
full of screws.
full of staples.
full of imperfections.

but God makes us new.
he pulls out our nails.
he pulls out the staples.
he refinishes us.
he makes us into something beautiful.

unless you're here experiencing the daunting tasks of pulling these nails and SEEING with your eyes the amazing things the wood is being used for, the analogy may just be words. so here are a few pictures.

the wood before nails and things are taken out

a picture of wood that has been de-nailed. it will later be treated for termites, refinished, and used in the Project

The finished project (example: ceiling work)

The finished project (example: staircase)

every bit of wood that is used in the Project has been donated and is being recycled. it comes here full of nails. the nails are removed. it is refinished and holes are filled. it used to create something beautiful.

just like what God does for us. He is faithful in making us into something beautiful.

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