Monday, January 17, 2011

the last few thoughts...

inspiration: the last few thoughts about costa rica...

  • i learned the value of "flex and bend".
  • i want to take more little leaps of faith in this next year.
    my first step of faith is to start sponsoring Jason and Kerby with portions of my income and tithing to the church.
  • adoption is something i am completely in favor of and wanting to pursue.
  • flying has really shown me the beauty of God's creation.
    being over 30,000 feet in the air and looking out of the window and seeing heaven among the clouds and earth down below.
    Saturday evening, i saw a sunset from above the clouds. no camera could EVER capture the colors of fire in the sky!
    looking out as we were above land and seeing where the ocean met the land.
    landing in miami at night and seeing the skyline all lit up was magnificent.
  • also, i saw two rainbows in Costa Rica.
    not only are rainbows absolutely beautiful creations of Christ.
    i was reminded this week that a rainbow was God's sign of peace after Noah's ark saved the good people and all the animals.
  • peace.
    i need to learn to accept it.
    i need to learn to be at peace in any and every circumstance.
  • i was encouraged by my team, some of whom i hadn't met until we got to Franco's.
    i learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and knowing that even though it was hard to see sometimes, that the fruits of my labor (and the labor of our entire team) will make an impact in the lives of the Ticans.

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