Sunday, January 9, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Two - Part One

inspiration: "Nosotros tenemos un linda vista del rio azul" -My and Jennifer's first sentence we were able to put together on the bus ride home: "We have a nice view of the blue river". We passed through two areas of town (Linda Vista and Rio Azul) that are rougher areas. Linda Vista translates to "Nice View" and Rio Azul translates to "Blue River" :)

  • i got the most sleep last night that i have in about a week. slept from like 9:45ish-6:45.
  • took a shower (we were told not to touch the "widowmaker" -- the showerhead -- otherwise, you'll get shocked. I'll post a pic later ;))
  • ate breakfast. DELICIOUS!
  • ((i'm gonna gain weight on this missions trip. i can feel it, now. all the food here has been soooo good!!))
  • went to church. it was amazing that even though there is a language barrier, we were all praising the same God! such an amazing feeling!! Ron Edmondson led the sermon and he did an amazing job!
  • went to the Abraham Project facilities; saw the kids homes, church, and medical center. the story behind it all is incredible! i'll post more about it tonight.
  • ate lunch and played with the kids at the Project! we brought them shoes, coloring books, teddy bears, and lots of new toys to play with! i jump-roped and turned jump ropes for a few of the girls for, what seems like forever. but it was so much fun! Isaac is the jump rope king!!
  • i can't wait to go back and see the kids! there are 11 at the project...
  • tomorrow, we will start work at the project. i have no idea what we will be doing, but i'm looking forward to it!! :D

we just got back. dinner is at 5PM and then we're going on our prayer walk at 6.
i'm so glad to be here and so honored to get to serve with an amazing team!! :D

the internet here at the B&B is pretty sketchy - in and out, depending on what room you're in and how many people are online, and it's taking a long time to upload pictures. so i'll post them tonight in a separate blog (and of course, on facebook, too :)).

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