Monday, January 10, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Three

Costa Rica: Day Three

  • got up at 5:45 to shower.
  • uploaded pictures (finally, i was able to get on the internet)
  • breakfast. delicious! another clean plate ;)
  • got to the Project at 8
  • we learned a little about the history of the project. it started with $20! and it's amaaaazing how much has been accomplished through the vision and God's providence for the project! the pictures of the buildings and land you see, has totally been God's blessings!
  • we got our assignments
  • before lunch, i pulled nails from boards. it was incredibly hard work and really frustrating. never in my life, did i think i would be so frustrated at a nail!
  • for lunch, we had ham, rice and beans, and some cabbage salad (which i didn't eat...i don't like cabbage :/)
  • Jennifer's quote from lunch about the drink we had: "I thought I was drinking fresh-squeezed nectar from the gods, but Jason told me it was a powder they mixed with water like Kool-Aid" (haha. she cracks me up!)
  • after lunch, i helped clear Adolfo's (the guard at the Project) yard. it was full of debris and garbage and junk.

  • we just got home from work. i am exhausted and my feet are KILLING me. but i feel so honored to be a part of this team and to be doing this work for such an amazing cause! i can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Funny story: Last night, at the prayer walk, Ron introduced me to a guy from the other team, Michael. He is about to graduate from Rutgers and we talked for a few minutes. This morning, Ron came into the room I was sitting in and said "I was trying to help you out last night by introducing you to someone single...Just lookin' out for ya" ... Haha. Thanks, Ron -_-

A few prayer requests

  • our safety and health
  • for a good night's rest
  • praise for the dinner that is being prepared now
  • our team as well as the other group here from New Jersey
  • the Project
  • Jason, Kerby, and the kids.
Costa Rica Pictures: Pictures

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