Thursday, January 13, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Six

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i can't believe it's almost over... :(
this has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life!
knowing not only how God has changed my heart over the last year and a half, but also how much I've grown in my relationship with Him. i guess the whole "Trust God" thing really is 10000% true!

today was our last day at the Project and I'm so bummed!
i've helped de-nail boards, carry posts, chop trees, dig holes, place posts in the ground, play with the daycare kids, and i've bonded with some of the most amazing people!! it's been an absolute BLAST! i can't wait to serve on a missions team again!!! :D i would absolutely love to come back in March and (selfishly) praying I can. but i will definitely see what God works out.

  • breakfast. Project at 8.
  • got one board de-nailed before going to help with the daycare! (huge deal. it had a lot of nails in it and i finished it in less than 45 mins ;))
  • helped with the daycare. a group of us rotated to 4 classrooms (2's, 3's, 4's, and school-age, I believe). the 2's cried most of the time, but finally some of them started playing with us; the 3's had a blast playing with Play-Doh and a few of them took pictures and made a video with Sarah's phone; the 4's role-played Noah's Ark with animal toys we bought yesterday at HiperMas. that was a lot of fun! and the school-age kids made folders and we all signed each others, like a yearbook. thatttt was a lot of fun. the boys are "muy loco!"
  • ate lunch.
  • went back up to Adolfo's and helped dig holes again and set the posts. we got them all set! (even though they had to redo all the holes!!) we dubbed ourselves the "Foxy Fencers" (and Steve) -- because it was all women who did 99% of the work and Steve Jr.
  • also, when we finished with the posts, several of us "poisoned wood". basically, we put a stain on it to get rid of and prevent termites. some of it got on my arms and stuff....but, hey, at least i'll be termite free!!
  • we played with the orphans today. loved it! we gave them Ring Pops. i chased Mainor and Roberto and Jenny around for a long time. the boys kept calling me and Sarah "crazy" (psh. us, crazy?! no way!!!); some of the kids got their fingernails painted. and of course we took lots of pictures!
  • ate dinner at 6:30. i ate my lasagna and salad, PLUS sarah's lasagna (cuz she didn't like it -- ella es loca!
  • we did our devotional. it was an incredibly emotional one for all of us because a lot of us went around and shared what was on our hearts and how it impacted us all
  • Jen, Brenda, Chad, Robert, and Pat played Phase Ten. we are a crazy bunch! but it's been such an amazing experience getting to serve and get to know one another and to also see us all grow closer in our walk with Christ, as well :)


"How many inches is that?? I'm too old for all this 'metric' stuff!!"

Jen: "How do you say 'Jason' in Spanish? Is it like jaSON (said with french-like accent)"
Me: No. I think that's French!!

Robert: "I'm a Ritz cracker."
Jen: "Well, I'm an OYSTER cracker!"

"I'm so much funnier online..."

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