Friday, January 14, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Seven


flex and bend.

that's what our motto has been all week.
so even though we were scheduled to go see a volcano, go ziplining, and go to the market, the "flex and bend" was still in effect.

when we left Franco's and headed up toward the volcano, it seemed to be okay. but when we got higher and higher elevation, it started to rain. and by the time we were at the volcano park, it was pouring down rain and downright cold! flex and bend.
when we got to where we could see the crater, it was completely white. we were in the clouds and it was raining and wet and we didn't get to see it. flex and bend.

then, we were worried it would be raining too much to go ziplining.
so we made our way to the canopy to go ziplining. they said we could go, but we probably wouldn't make it through the entire zip. we were going to do 8 instead of 10 lines. flex and bend.

then on the second or third zip, there was a group of seven or eight of us huddled together on the platform waiting to zip. it was raining. cold. miserable. everything uncomfortable you could possibly imagine. flex and bend.

when we finally got to zip, we were greeted at the other end with "Dr. Boles got injured and they've called an ambulance to take him to the hospital." flex and bend.
also, the rain kept coming and coming and we were told that the next zip was going to be our last one. so we only got to do, i think 4 lines. flex and bend.

Dr. Boles is doing fine! He was given some pain medication on the way to the hospital, but still in good spirits. He wanted us to enjoy the rest of our day! But please keep him, Cathy, Courtney, and the doctors that are with him in your prayers!

so when we all came back to the shop/restaurant where we were supposed to eat lunch, we were all soaking wet. freezing. and slightly miserable. flex and bend.
we realized we couldn't come back to Franco's for dry clothes because it was a two hour drive and then an hour back to the market. so flex and bend. in wet clothes.
thankfully, Sarah lent me her UT Vols jacket (the ONLY time i will ever be caught wearing UT orange!!) and so i wasn't completely miserable the entire time.

so we made our way back towards the market.
bumpiest. ride. ever. flex and bend.
i somehow managed to catch a few Z's on the bus (how, i have no clue because we were bumping around so much). and i think Jen said she snapped a picture of me sleeping (i'm sure it's attractive as there is like a 99.9% chance my mouth is WIDE OPEN! lol)

but we came to the market. we had an hour to browse and shop.
i bought a bag, dress, two magnets, two necklaces, two bracelets, a mug, and a keychain for $58.
leaving me just enough money to buy a meal at the miami airport tomorrow. flex and bend. but at least i'll be flexing and bending in style ;)

it was definitely a "flex and bend" day because of the weather and unforeseen circumstances. but God has been with us all day and is watching over us continuously.

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