Saturday, January 8, 2011

Costa Rica: Day One

inspiration: Costa Rica: Day One!

  • we left BNA late this morning due to snow. we had to wait for them to do "de-icing" stuff.
  • we arrived in Miami a little late, but it was BEAUTIFUL! i loveeeee flying!
  • a few of us ate lunch at Corona. i ate a burger the size of my face. almost every bite. and it was delicious!!!
  • funny story: some of the group members were looking for fast food in the Miami airport, but there wasn't any...but we arrive at the San Jose airport and what do we see? Burger King. Church's Chicken. Etc. Hahaha. I found it quite ironic, actually ;)
  • My goal is to not eat any "American" food. I'm in Costa Rica for goodness sakes. I'm gonna eat food I can only eat in Costa Rica! :D
  • The San Jose airport was interesting! When we were walking out, there was like a mass crowd of people at the door offering taxi rides. Robert said "Oh my goodness, it's like a mob!!" Haha. Definitely made me laugh.
  • The bus ride from the airport to the B&B where we're staying ("Franco's") wasn't too bad. Traffic was crazy and, while I prefer window seats on airplanes, I'm thinking my logic is the opposite for bus rides. I don't wanna see how close we come to hitting other cars/getting hit by other cars!! Traffic is RIDICULOUS!!
  • A few of us walked to a market that's like a block away from the B&B and I got a bottle of water and some "Chiky" cookies (which Kerby said are realllly good!) for 1400 colonies (~$3) (i have no idea how to spell it properly, but it's pronounced like "kuh-LONE-ees". the singular is spelled "colon" but i don't wanna type "colons"...that just seems weird)
  • i'm slowly getting used to doing the quick conversion from dollars to colonies (500 colonies roughly equals $1). I have a few colonies now :) one word: legit.
  • we went to a mall where we ate dinner in the food court area; i had chicken tacos and some amaaaazing black bean dip!
  • ((pretty sure i'm gonna be hittin' the gym quite a bit when we get back. i've eaten myself silly today!!))
  • tomorrow, we're going to church and we're going to get to have playtime with the kids afterward, which is what i'm really looking forward to!
  • tomorrow night, i think i will be leading a devotional, so i pray that i am able to articulate the words God has put on my heart. i'm not the most eloquent speaker, but i pray for God's strength to provide His clear and concise message.
Regina Hampton shared a quote that made me smile. She said there was a little girl sitting behind her on the flight from Nashville to Miami that asked her mom "Are we going to go high enough to see God?" Absolutely precious. How wonderful it is to just be humbled in my life by a little girl I don't even know. What would my life be like if I wondered about the majesty of God like that! I'm so excited to see how God will work in my life this week through the kids at the Project and at the day care!

A few prayer requests:

  • Continue to pray for the team's health and safety
  • For us to stay strong in God's strength this week
  • flexibility for the team. we don't know what to expect!
  • that i will speak God's words for tomorrow's devotional
  • Jason and Kerby!
  • the other team that is with us
  • the kids!!
  • that God would work in our lives and change our hearts this week!

A few pictures:

My boarding passes!
 It's so amazing to be above the clouds and still see the ground below us!
 Hello, San Jose!!
 My first passport stamp!!
 We had just a little bit of luggage. And that's the bus we took from the airport to Franco's
 Me lookin' a hot mess on the bus. I was sweating! But it was better than being in the snow ;)
 Mountains of Costa Rica!!
 La Casa de Franco -- the B&B we're staying at.
 The sign
 What I had for dinner. Delicious. I have no clue what "Exquisitos Tacos Al Carbon" means...but in my mind, i'm thinking it means "exquisite carbon tacos" ;)
 3 chicken tacos. Refried black beans. 'Twas heavenly, except i don't like pico de gallo :(


  1. Awesome! Wish I was with you Nikki! Oh, wait!!! I am!!!! ;-) Let the week begin. God, who has started a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.

  2. I was thinking about you and I'm praying for your requests. Love you!