Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Four

Costa Rica: Day Four

  • today, we ate breakfast. i woke up to the smell of bacon. it was heavenly.
  • went to the project.
  • i pulled nails again for about two hours.
  • then helped load concrete posts up to Adolfo's house to construct a fence (probably tomorrow)
  • lemme just say, those concrete blocks were over 100 lbs. each. it took three or four people to carry one. but we got a system down with wheelbarrels, it only took two of us to transport them from point A (the worksite) to point B (Adolfo's house)
  • it was me, kerby, jennifer, brenda. gail and yolanda and sarah helped before lunch; after lunch, we recruited a few of the guys to help, but for the most part, it was the mighty strength of woman power (and Jesus!) helping us get those blocks back and forth.
  • for lunch, we had spaghetti and vegetables (huge portions, lemme tell ya!)
  • it was delicious.
  • and it seems wrong to gain weight on a missions trip. but the food here has been fabulous (and i'm a picky eater!!!)
  • we transported 18 of those suckers before and after lunch
  • i got some good sun today! (and tanlines!) :D (love the weather here! def. beats snow ;))
  • we stopped at a bakery on the way home tonight: mus anni. one word: delicious!
  • i'll haveta post pictures of what i got later. i took pictures of the signs but dinner is at 6, so i haven't eaten it yet.

we have dinner at 6 and devotional at 6:30 or whenever we're done eating. i'll try and blog later tonight, too, if i can.

a few prayer requests:

  • continued safety and strength of our team.
  • the Project
  • the team from New Jersey
  • Jason, Kerby, the kids, and other staff that have been working with us this week


Jennifer Harper is hilarious and I love her so much (and I hope she reads this!)
I'm so blessed to know her and to get to serve with her (plus, she does a fabulous job cutting my hair. i got my "hurr did" before i went to charleston - that's why i got the job. she gets all the credit ;))

but she is HILARIOUS! and here are her quotes from today. (hopefully she won't kill me ;))

(at breakfast)
"Papaya...I'm gonna try ya...I may not like ya..."
(after trying)
"It's alright, but it ain't no MANGOOO!"

(Jason Harpst has a verse from Joshua and Isaiah tattooed on his leg)
Jen: "We're gonna read Jason's leg for our devotional...Wait, nevermind, it's in Hebrew"
Jason: "It's in Spanish"
Jen: "Oh....well, it's all Greek to me!"

(at lunch - Kerby told us we were having spaghetti)
"But it looks like lo mein noodles!"
(after like ten minutes of trying to convince me it was lo mein, i got my plate)
"It IS spaghetti!"

Steve: "There are no stupid questions..."
Jen: "...just stupid people."

"Can I tell you a question?"

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  1. I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog!!! I love you and I LOVE that you ' get' me!! Some people don't, ya know....but they're stupid!;)