Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Costa Rica: Day Five

Costa Rica: Day Five


  • breakfast at 7. Project at 8, like normal.
  • i pulled nails for a couple hours.
  • then went up to adolfo's place to prep the land to put in posts for a fence.
  • there was a ginormous TREE we had to chop up and move.
  • jen, judy, brenda, myself, steve & caleb thomas hacked and hacked and sawed and sawed that tree.
  • one of the team members pitched in her own money to buy a chainsaw for the Project after seeing us struggle and fight and fight and saw and struggle.
  • we got the first and last post set and string attached.
  • tomorrow, the holes for the posts will have to be dug and the posts will be set.
  • i was able to get a lot of pictures of the team working and all the things we're doing at the Project.
  • we went to "Hipermas" today. it's the Costa Rican equivalent of Wal-Mart. pretty neat.
  • i got a bunch of goodies for $12 (it was like ~5400 colones)
  • we, as a team, are pitching in money to get Jason and Kerby bikes! their only mode of transportation is walking and occassionally the bus. but for grocery shopping and to and from the Project is all walking. i'm SOOO excited to see their faces when we give them to them!! they're going to be so happy!
  • delicious dinner.
  • delicious dessert.
  • a new secret bond has formed between myself, brenda, cathy, gail and judy! :)
  • "mi Brendita" and Chad are leading devotional tonight. i know they will do great! :D
  • me encanta Brendita ♥♥♥
  • ---
  • we just had our devotional with Jason and Kerby.
  • the devotional was about having a servant's heart and leaving everything to walk in faith and follow Christ.
  • Jason and Kerby LOVE their bikes! it was an emotional, but EXTREMELY rewarding experience!


Jen: "Sharon said I would love you!"
Me: "Sharon said I would love you!"
Jen: "Sharon is SOOOO smart!!"

(after falling off the log she helped ax down)
Jen: "TIMBER!!!"
(a few minutes later)
"I'm not bleeding. I'm okay."

"Wanna smailllll (smell) me?!"

Prayer Requests

  • the team and their continued walk with Christ
  • the Project and all those involved
  • Jason and Kerby. something i realized today is that their job it can become incredibly stressful. it's been so much fun working and serving with them, that sometimes i forget that it truly is WORK.
  • my personal walk with Christ and leaning on His complete providence for me
  • the kids at the homes

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