Thursday, January 6, 2011

charleston/travelling in a nutshell.

inspiration: my trip to charleston.

i'm beyond tired right now, but i wanted to give an in-a-nutshell recap of everything that happened over the last couple days. just making a list cuz i wanna keep it brief. and lists are how i roll...

  • went to bed Tues night at like 9 o'clock; woke up at 1:30 and couldn't for the life of me go back to sleep, so i packed for Costa Rica
  • mistook my itinerary as my boarding pass; got to security and the woman told me i needed to take the itinerary and get my boarding pass (luckily, that was the only dumb thing i did at the airport ;))
  • made it through security without getting felt up.
  • flew for the first time by myself
  • my first flight from BNA to ATL was full and i was one of the last one's to board; there was no more space for carry-ons so i had to have my bag checked. luckily it made it to CHS safely and i didn't become a "baggage claim horror story"
  • rode the concourse train at ATL (that place is massive and crazy busy. but the trian was cool)
  • paid way too much for a crappy breakfast at the airport Chili's
  • flight from ATL to CHS was delayed; took off about an hour late
  • CHS airport is LEGIT! it's super nice on the inside and they still had some Christmas trees up. :D
  • Darren, the programming manager at Hawkes, picked me up and he and the VP of Research&Development went to lunch at Fuel; got a grilled jerk-chicken sandwich and it was uh-MAAAAAAAY-zing!!
  • went back to the office for an interview with Emily and Darren (i had already done phone interviews with both)
  • got to take part in "Cake Time"! (the first Wed. of every month, they buy a big ol' birthday cake and celebrate all the birthdays for that month)
  • went to take an IQ/cognitive-reasoning test and personality profile with Dr. Wagner**
  • unfortunately, didn't get to see much of Charleston because i was so busy
  • i was also sad that it was rainy and kinda gloomy while i was there (hope that's not foreshadowing or anything....)
  • crashed at 10:30 (9:30 Central time)
  • my Android phone thought it would be funny to pull an iPhone move and my alarm didn't go off. luckily, i got dropped off and was getting picked up, otherwise i would've missed my flight completely! i apologized about 50 times to Darren, but i got to the airport an hour early, which was PLENTY of time.
  • got checked in and through CHS security in less than 20 minutes! i only had to wait about 20 minutes to board the plane!
  • flew back to ATL; the landing was rough!! when we initially landed, we bounced, and got jolted when the plane came back down. crazy rough. it was funny hearing everyone, pretty much in unison, go "WHOAAAA!" (and a few people said a few "other" words, too!)
  • the plane ride from ATL to BNA was pretty uneventful cuz i slept the whole time...but, i did wake up a couple times and realize i had my mouth wide open. im betting that was attractive ;)

**Hawkes has an EXTENSIVE hiring process. they not only do interviews and technical tests, but also IQ/cognitive-reasoning tests and a personality profile to ensure that the candidate will be a good fit for the company and vice versa. Hawkes hires for the long-term and they want their employees to be happy; the company is growing very quickly, but their employee satisfaction and retention is supposedly remarkable!! i was told that i would hear back from them when they got the reports from everything i did; Darren is hoping he can let me know before i leave for Costa Rica (so i have my fingers crossed for a call tomorrow!)

i'm really just trying to find peace with whatever God has planned. if it's with Hawkes, that would be absolutely phenomenal; but if they don't think i will be a good fit, then i have to know that God has something else planned!

also, i had a lot of time to just sit and wait and be random during my layovers.
so here is a list of things i wrote down, for no other reason than boredom.

  • i prefer window seats to aisle seats. hands down.
  • airport dining is crazy expensive.
  • riding the ATL concourse train reminded me of riding the metro in DC -- wanna go back so badly!
  • can't wait til BNA flies directly to CHS -- NO LAYOVERS!
  • i hate that my carry-on got checked; praying it will be in CHS! (prayer answered!)
  • i really like this gcomchurch pen (it writes really nicely :))

  • Delta and leg room are NOT synonymous! (my legs actually cramped during all my flights; it was weird; glad they were short flights!)

  • i want to become less dependent on my phone and more intentional in my friendships

just a few thoughts from The Little Asian That Could.
i'm up later tonight that i should be. but luckily i have a day to recover!

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