Monday, December 20, 2010

set apart in 2011

Inspiration: Radical and Authentic Beauty

The wireless at work is not functioning, so I'm writing this blog from my phone. I sincerely hope this works and doesn't look bad...

But i am vowing in 2011 to live a set apart life for Christ. In life and in relationships.

Radical has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in order to truly live out the Gospel: through my finances, through my relationship with Christ and His Word, and through prayer. Today I bought "Operation World" and a "One-Year through the Bible" Bible. Not because I want to be able to say I have them, but to deepen my heart and soul into them. To pour myself in prayer and into the Word. I know I will be much more successful with tangible reminders of the set-apartness I am called to exude.

Authentic Beauty has challenged me to keep my standards in relationships high. Not to settle for anything or anyone less than someone who will draw my heart closer to Christ. I know there are Prince Charming's out there and I am blessed to be able to call them my brothers-in-Christ. I worry a lot about finding the right person, but ultimately, it's on God's timetable. I want to be sure I am leading a life set apart for Christ before I enter into a relationship.

Through various experiences and conversations over time and through prayer and petition to Christ, I've decided that I am not going to simply "date" anyone. I truly want the next relationship I enter into to be "the one". I want the next kiss I get to be my last "first kiss". I want to guard my heart and my soul until MY Prince Charming comes along and begins to pursue me and walk with me down Christ's path. I am not content to be in a relationship for the sake of a Facebook status or the label of "dating so-and-so". My standards are much higher and I am worth more.

So I'm preparing my heart and soul for 2011.
For a new year.
For a new job.
For my first missions trip.
For a new life set apart for Christ.
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