Thursday, November 11, 2010

let it go.

inspiration: my incessant need for control is keeping me from trusting in God's plans for me.

our sermon on Sunday was about relinquishing control to God. Chad challenged us to give up control of whatever it is that we feel like we have to control.

for me, it's relationships. if i'm being honest, i fear i'll "end up alone" if i wait for God. but the ultimate truth is that i have to trust that Christ will bring my future husband to me on His timetable!!!

i texted my friend Kelsey: "it is so much easier to relinquish the pen of our lives to God. He is a much better writer, anyway ;) He will script a beautiful story for us, in love and in life."

i wish i could say that those words came easy for me to write. but they didn't. i have to not only not worry about my future husband, but not worry about the future. my career. my house. my money. my car. my's not mine anyways. it's all God's. He is in control. and everything we have is HIS!

i have to trust in Him to provide for me.
i have to trust in Him to strengthen me for HIS purposes rather than relying on myself.
i have to let it go.


  1. My prayer as well. I talked to Kara about it today and she said she went through stuff before she could finally let go of control. ILY.

  2. yeah, i'm still struggling with controlling some things; not as much relationship-wise because i know that i'm in this stage of singleness because God wants me to focus on my relationship with Him; but i worry about the future and jobs (since i've been slacking at searching for one...) and the possibility of that internship.

    it's all so much, but i have to know that nothing is too BIG for God and nothing is too small for God. He has everything perfectly under control and i just have to trust His timing and His promises for me.

    ILY, too, brooke!