Saturday, November 6, 2010

blessed by friends.

inspiration: i am ridiculously blessed with some amazing friends who keep me rooted and build me up in Christ!

I have some of the best friends I could ever imagine and I am constantly reminded through my church family how blessed I am!

A few blogs that have inspired me over the last couple days in my faith and walk with Christ and especially in relationships and the future. I've struggled immensely with patience, worrying, and pride. Sometimes, I've been able to overcome this by the power of the Holy Spirit slowly humbling me (especially in the "pride" department). But I know that especially on "downer-days", reading and hearing an encouraging word of truth and encouragement makes all the difference in my daily walks with Christ. And with great friends like these, it's pretty obvious how blessed I am to be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ.

Brad Clower: Date To Find a Mate
Heather Kennedy: Dear Society
Jason Hart: Bart Millard is the Man/"Beautiful"
Brooke Denny: Dear Little Ones...

They all have touched me and inspired me in some capacity, especially Brad and Jason's blogs. I know in my heart that I need for my husband to be the true spiritual leader of the family. And being surrounded by advertisements, media, movies, television shows, etc. where men aren't leaders (or spiritual leaders, for that matter) of their families is quite disappointing. And even more discouraging when I often see men who aren't leaders/spiritual leaders in real life either, not just in the media. But it's very refreshing and encouraging to have brothers in Christ like Brad and Jason who truly do have it right: Christ first!! It brings joy to my heart that not only are they blessings in my life, but that they will be true spiritual leaders of their families in the future.

Heather and Brooke also inspire me so much as sisters and as best friends. We've all lived life together (HK and I have been friends for over a year now; Brooke and I have been friends for three-and-a-half) and we've experienced our respective ups-and-downs (my roller coaster of an emotional life, especially!). But it's great to know that despite my mistakes and my imperfections and my crazy emotions, that I have friends who encourage me to keep Christ first no matter what. And not just HK and Brooke, but Kelsey, Katie, and everyone else in my small groups and church family!

My prayer for my friends and whoever else chooses to read this is that you would encourage and be encouraged by one another. God places people in our lives to build us up in His glory and to glorify Him through our relationships with one another, not just marriages, but in friendships as well. I pray that each and every one of us is or will be blessed with a spouse that will build us up in Christ; that where we as humans falter, Christ will be glorified as the one who never fails.

Friendships and community are essential in our growth as Christ followers.
And I am beyond blessed to have a great community of friendships :)

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