Tuesday, September 28, 2010

greater things.

inspiration: "Greater things have yet to come..."

i am so blessed.
with friendships that are growing and thriving.
with opportunities that God is placing before me.
with a church that i get to serve every weekend.
with Christ's love surrounding me, even when i fall.


great blessings:

-babysitting opportunities (finances have been a struggle for me, lately. i've been praying about ways to make a little more money and to find ways to be a better steward of my money. i got to babysit Friday night and last night, which on top of the weekly paycheck i get from Mary's is allowing me to have spending money throughout the week, which is definitely a blessing)

-internship is going great (this morning, i finished the database project that Brad and i have been working on. my supervisor and another guy were very impressed with the work that we did and i'm really glad -- that thing really stressed and overwhelmed me greatly when we first started it. i think, if given the opportunity, i'm going to continue doing other ventures related to the database. i was told there would be a lot more to learn and take on, but i'm ready for the challenge!)

-possible careers at APSU (granted, this is a very gray situation and it all comes down to what other career options present themselves between now and december, but there are two IT-related positions at APSU right now. both have been posted for several months now...i reallllly would love to have one of those positions, but, of course, we will have to see how everything plays out :))

-donating my hair to Locks of Love (i made my appointment today to have my hair cut on November 4th! i'm super nervous and super excited at the same time. it's just hair and it'll grow back out, but i'm nervous about having short hair...

-kelsey and krissy are running my 10K with me on October 23rd! it'll be a different experiencing running here in clarksville and running with friends (seeing as i've had to travel and run alone for all my previous races -- which is fine, i kind of like doing things alone -- but i'm super excited to have friends not only run with me but also to have people there to support me personally! :D

greater things are before me.
and i know that greater things are coming, too :D
Jesus is blessing me immensely! Life is good.

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  1. :) God is really blessing you and I'm happy for you girl :)