Saturday, August 21, 2010

medals. penguins. monte cristos.

inspiration August 21, 2010: a day for the books! best day ever!

it started off with my second 5K (this month. and ever). it started off on a good leg because i got a shirt my size this time! (this is a huge deal because most of the time, the conversation goes "What size?" "Small" "We're out of smalls, here's a medium" -- and smalls are big on me, so mediums usually SWALLOW me) :)

but today, i just went out and ran, didn't wear my watch so that i wouldn't be tempted to try and "do better", i just wanted to go out and run by the strength of Christ and to run for His name :) and i did! i ran the entire time again (after not running a full 3 mile workout in two weeks) and i feel like i did better than my first race. after i finished and cooled down, i stuck around the finish line to try and get my time, but they said they didn't have them. so after being an awkward turtle for a while, i went up to where the food/drinks were.

i grabbed a banana and Gatorade and realized they were giving out door prizes. within about a minute of being there, they called my name/number and i got a door prize! a lunch bag and water bottle! i still stuck around for them to announce the results and hand out trophies/medals, mostly anticipating find out my time, but they still didn't have them ready...but i stayed to support those who won an award.

they started with the women's overall winner, then gave out the 12 and under, and 13-17 medals. i, honestly, wasn't expecting to receive anything, but when the man announced the third place winner for the 18-21 age group, i realized "I passed her!!!" and I got excited. he called my name for second place, and i was ECSTATIC! One of my proudest moments! I got a medal and everything! I absolutely love race days!

Then, I came home, chatted with Katie over coffee, told her about my race.
Then, Kelsey and I headed over to Indian Lake to catch a movie (we BARELY caught Dinner for Schmucks. Hilarious!), then to browse some of the shops (including a candy store where we posed with a Jelly Belly mascot and i posed with a penguin), went to Cheddars (Monte Cristo sandwich = ♥), and had dessert at Marble Slab.

It was an amaaaazing day!
I am so thankful not only for Kelsey, but also for my other friends who love and support me and who are so encouraging (even when they call me crazy for getting up at the crack of dawn to run). I truly am blessed to have amazing people in my life!
God truly has blessed me beyond belief.

My goodies from the 5K

Kelsey and I after Dinner For Schmucks

Me, posing with a penguin

Monte Cristo!

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