Wednesday, August 4, 2010

great news!

inspiration: a lot has happened since i last blogged.

1. i survived Summer Bridge program.

basically, i stayed 3 days at APSU to help over 350 students register for fall classes. i LOVE my registration/orientation assistant job, but the past 3 days were intense and overwhelming/stressful at times.

but i absolutely LOVE meeting new students and sharing my enthusiasm about my campus and such. so, despite the high tensions and stresses, it was a good time! some great ROA bonding happened monday night over some cake and dancing. (i learned how to "Dougie"! now THAT'S funny. i have ZERO rhythm. but i try. :P)

Teach Me How To Dougie

2. i got an e-mail from Advantage Modeling saying they're interested in working with me! :)

i have to meet with the directors and agents on the 15th...hopefully it will go well. not a lot of details have been released about what will happen or what to expect, so i'm going in sans rose-colored glasses because i realize it could potentially not work out for me.

i'm not willing to forsake my school/jobs in order to pursue this. i feel like it will be an amazing opportunity if it works out in my favor, but i also know that it's a very volatile and unpredictable career. but in all honesty, i will do what i can to pursue this :)

3. my 5K is literally days away!!

i'm so stinkin' excited! it's been really difficult to keep my motivation up and especially after the long, intense Bridge Program, i'm exhausted and i know i need to rest as much as i can, but still prepare physically for this race.

4. i'm about to start my LAST semester of college!

...enough said! i'm so pumped!! i don't know where or what lies ahead. all i know is that i have to keep my heart and eyes focused on Christ and the plans He has for me! i definitely need to keep my heart and mind in check, especially with the potential for modeling jobs...but i want so badly to continue to pursue Christ with reckless abandon.

5. i got my replacement certificate of citizenship

so when i get the money for my passport (which i, theoretically, will get when i apply this time!), i will get that taken care of and i'll be saving money for Costa Rica in January for a missions trip!! :)

life is going so well right now for me.
granted, it's easy to feel good about everything when nothing is going wrong. but i continually pray for a humble heart and strength in any and every situation. i know that inevitably, life will throw rocks at me, but as long as i am shielded with Christ, i can handle anything! :)


  1. Wow Nikki!

    It is awesome to read about all of these blessings God is giving you. You are doing so well and I hope things continue to look up girl :)

  2. God bless you as he continues to use your live for his glory in so many different ways.

  3. works better.

  4. Thanks Brooke and Brad!
    It's almost overwhelming to step back and see every blessing I have. My life has changed DRASTICALLY over the last year. I had NONE of this last year: I was so far away from God and living a life that did anything BUT glorify Christ. But to know that despite my cracks and brokenness, that He still loves me; He is still using me each and every single day for His glory! I deserve none of this, but He is shaping me and molding me for His Kingdom, and that feels magnificent! :)