Saturday, July 3, 2010

where i belong.

inspiration: just knowing where God wants me to be right now.

i am so grateful that i know where i'm supposed to be right now: exactly where i am.
God blessed me so much when He led me to Clarksville, TN three years ago.

this time four years ago, i was about to start my senior year of high school. i knew what i wanted to study. i thought i knew where i wanted to go. i knew i wanted to study computer science; i thought i would be doing it at western kentucky.

but in November 2006, i visited APSU. i had already been accepted into the University, but i visited on an AP Day. it was the perfect day. (i, honestly, think God used the weather as a sign to'll see why later) i came with my dad in my old '91 GMC Sierra (miss that thing!!). we stopped at the cracker barrel on exit 4, ate breakfast, and started our trek down to APSU. once i got to campus, i fell in love with it. walking across campus, seeing what apsu had to offer me. i loved it. subconsciously, i knew it was where i was supposed to be. even my dad knew that it was where i would end up. he kept saying on the way home "I really liked APSU. I really liked it a lot. I hope you go there."

a few weeks later, i visited WKU, again, with my dad. this time, the weather was awful. it was a snow day. ice was everywhere. the wind was brutal. and WKU is on a massive hill. all i remember about that particular trip was being torn apart by the wind and thinking i was going to lose my fingers and toes to frostbite. on the way home, i was disappointed: everything i had been expecting for the previous almost year changed. on the way home, dad and i talked about how much we both disliked WKU. and i knew then that APSU was totally where i was supposed to be.

and now about to enter my senior year of college, i know that the reason i fell so in love with APSU and Clarksville was because He was truly leading me here. i followed Him and He has blessed me in so many spectacular ways. From the people I've met, to the networking opportunities and relationships with professors, to experiencing my first true relationship and first love, to the heartache, to the church home, to the friends, to the memories. Everything has just accumulated to one tremendously AMAZING collegiate experience.

I've made friends here that i KNOW will truly be lifelong friends.
I've found a church home that I am so blessed and excited to be a part of: Grace Community Church
I am part of AQUA, the most awesome college ministry led by the most awesome people (Brandon and Kara Reed).
I have found my "place" in my University.
I have found my "place" to serve at my church.
I'm able to share the talents and gifts that God has blessed me with for the church (I'm doing some freelance web work for their next big project).
I have great connections through professors that will hopefully lead me to an awesome job in a few months.
I've been able to have my own adventures and really become an independent person.

Everything has fallen into place and I know it's because this is where God is calling me to be right now. I have a desire to do missions work. I have a desire to get married and have kids someday. I have a desire to be successful in a career that I love. And probably my biggest desire I have is to to travel and to experience new things and new places. But I know that for now, I am to be here. I am to continue His work here and I know once He wants me to move on to something new and different, He will bless me with those opportunities.

But for now: Clarksville, TN is where my heart is, because it is where God is calling me to be :)

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