Tuesday, July 13, 2010


inspiration:today was just one spontaneous thing after another.

i'm the type that plans things.
i like to think i'm adventurous (and i am), but if it's not planned or i don't feel like i'm quite "ready" for it, then chances are i won't do it. i'll wait until i feel like it's the right time.

but i did two things with very little reservation.

1. i applied for a scholarship that was advertised on facebook.
i saw the ad on the right for the Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Computing. i clicked, i filled out the application and sent it along with my resume and i'm hoping for the best. now if this is "meant to be" for me, i will miss several days of classes to go to this conference in atlanta for 4 days. i'm not really sure what to expect, but i went ahead and forewent my hesitation about "if it's mostly about research and grad school, it won't be for me" and applied. there would be countless opportunities that arose from attending this conference than just meets the eye: networking, grad school and research opportunities, internships. i mean, honestly, even if i don't feel like grad school is for me and even if i'm not one of the few selected, it will be okay.

i feel like life is about not only pursuing Christ wholeheartedly, but about pursuing opportunities that will make you stronger as well.

2. i signed up for an open modeling audition.
i don't think it's on my official "bucket list" anymore, but to "walk on a runway" is something i want to do before i die. granted, it may not be a big runway, but someday i would like to do that. well, after this weekend and being photographed by my best friend/sister/an amazing photographer, and after hearing a radio ad for WAY-FM's Model and Talent search thing on the 24th of this month, i thought "what the heck" and I applied.

i'm sure it would be a fun experience (and even if it's not exactly "fun", it will be something that i can file in my mind under "at least i tried").

who knows what these opportunities mean? only God knows what He has planned for me. and in either situation, i know that it's for my best interest and for His glory. if both things work out in my favor, then that will be amazing. but if both things fail, then i know God has something better.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." --Jeremiah 29:11

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