Monday, July 12, 2010

best days of my life.

inspiration: my subsiding cynicism from the breakup.

i think so much about how much i have learned in recent months about true happiness. i realized that my previous breakup is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. it took many many many months to realize it; it took many many many months to overcome my cyncism toward guys and relationships, in general.

but i've realized that had i not experienced all the pain and junk from that relationship and breakup, i would enver have realized how amazing God is. if i had never cried myself to sleep from the absolute suckiness of losing someone, i would never have enjoyed laughing until i cried with friends. if i had never been so far and distanced from Christ, i would never have been able to see His amazing grace and love. if we had never broken up, i wouldve never met the most amazing women of God I know and i wouldve never experienced His blessings :)

not all bad came from the relationship: i grew a lot from that relationship. i learned a lot, too. i got to experience love at its finest. but i know that if God allowed me to experience that greatness and that joy when i was so far away from Him, i can only imagine how


it will be when it's the "right" person

but as i've chronicled in past blogs, my life has changed dramatically from last year. i'm so much happier and i'm so much more fulfilled even though i don't have the "things" that i used to glamorize and crave. God really does provide for us in every situation and in every walk of life. i am single. i am proud. if these aren't the best days of my life, then i can only imagine how


the best days of my life truly will be.

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