Monday, June 21, 2010

puzzle lover.

inspiration: i LOVE word puzzle books.

so im a nerd and i LOVE word puzzle books.
i always try and do at least one or two puzzles before i go to bed, just to keep up with my "game" and to strengthen/enhance my logic and knowledge. (dorky, i know)

here are some quotes that were the answers to some puzzles i solved. i thought they were very uplifting/inspirational (and funny)

"Great men inspire others to greatness."

"Sit back and let the world turn by itself."
(this one speaks to me to not worry so much)

"Children know the ordinary is special."
(i can't wait to be a mother one day and to share special moments with my children)

"Confusion is a result of thinking too much."
(thought that was funny. and true to a degree ;) )

"Those who have dreams can never be poor."
(loved it.)

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