Thursday, June 3, 2010

one for the record books.

inspiration: today has been amazing.

God has definitely blessed me today.

  • worked in admissions -- found out that i can work up to like 206 hours over the course of the summer in order to get all my federal work study money. so i'm pretty much going to take advantage of working.

  • accomplished week one, day three of my walking/running plan. plus some. so very proud of myself! :) i have my first 5K picked out. it's in august. i should be adequately prepared by then, but i still have a long way to go.

  • finished week one at mary's music. loving it! :)

  • payday!

  • ...not only is it payday, but i checked my bank account and apparently, i had a $50 credit to my name, so i got an extra $50 from APSU. ka-ching!!

  • i beat Guitar Hero II

  • i am surrounded by amazing friends.

  • God is teaching me and using me so much in the lives of others. i love being able to encourage others in their faith. but it's not me. it's utterly and totally and COMPLETELY God. He is strengthening me every single day and I am so undeserving, yet so unimaginably blessed
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