Saturday, June 19, 2010

my awesome life.

inspiration: today was a great day! i had a great day seeing heather and spending time and getting to know lauren :) we actually have quite a bit in common! :)

i am constantly being reminded of just how awesome my life is and how much i truly am blessed. i got up this morning and went to the clarksville greenway to run. i did 3 miles (alternating walking and running) in 34 minutes. HUGE accomplishment in my book. i absolutely cannot WAIT to run the 5K in seven weeks (followed by a massage. that's gonna be heavenly!!)

then, i met up with lauren to go down to the boro with me to visit heather at Gov's School for the Arts. we went to chili's first and then came back to MTSU to see all the displays of artwork. it was so awesome to hear about and see all the talent the visual arts students have. my favorite was the printmaking. it's so cool the images and effects you can create! i wish i had been blessed with an artistic talent of some sort!! (all the "whining" i'll do, lauren ;))

i was also blessed with the chance to hang out with lauren to and from the boro, one-on-one. we shared a lot of stories and had some really good conversations and it was just so refreshing to hear that i'm not the only one who has truly been blessed with an awesome life, recently! :) i definitely know that my friends and Grace Community Church have both impacted me so positively! (i posted about my life a year ago here and how everything has changed so dramatically).

i truly am blessed and i'm so privileged and just humbled by how much God has blessed me. He has brought me through a lot of tough situations, brought me up from my knees, and shown me how much He loves me! through creation, through friendship, and through happiness. it's crazy to me how much i took life for granted really is.

i am blessed with awesome friends and in love with an awesome God who blesses me, picks me up when i am weak, and loves me for everything i am and everything im not.

John 15:13: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

my friends are the absolute greatest and i would walk to the ends of the earth to help them in any way i can. i love you guys! you're amazing!

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