Friday, June 25, 2010

a letter to me.

inspiration:a reminder to stay true to myself and to be patient in waiting for the right man to come along in my life.

Dear Nikki,

You are a beautiful, strong, independent and amazing woman of God. Keep your head up through all the bad times, keep your heart humble in the good. You're independent. But don't ever let yourself become to detached from your family and friends. Don't ever change who you are to try and please someone else. Be all you can be and don't let anyone hold you back. Conquer your bucket list! Overcome your fears! Experience life to the fullest! Reflect the heart of God at all times and in all circumstances.

One day, a man will come into your life who loves you for everything you are and for everything you're not. He will be your encourager and your companion, but always remember to keep Christ as the center of your life and your relationship. Depending solely on God takes courage and strength, but He will never let you down. And as much as the man who loves you will want to be everything he can be for you, he will let you down. Forgive him. Respect him. Honor him. Love him. Through the hills, the valleys, the highs and the lows.

You deserve respect, honor, and love. If a man chooses to not treat you in this manner, he is not worth it. Guard your heart. Stay strong in faith!! Don't ever back down and don't ever be afraid to take a risk for the kingdom. Be filled with courage and compassion to those around you. Serve honorably.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.


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