Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it never takes long...

inspiration: it never takes God long to respond to my selfishness.

so earlier, i blogged about being upset about not having a "relationship". but it amazes me how much God reveals Himself to me when i have those moments, and not only that, but how QUICKLY He does so.

i'm a part of an amazing church family and i'm surrounded by amazing friends. and i'm reminded of that every. single. day. how could i ever be upset at God for not bringing me a "relationship" when i am surrounded by some of the best friends and family members EVER!!

i'm part of something HUGE: God's Kingdom.
i want to live a life that reflects that. i may only be one, singular person, but through myself and my life, i want to reflect the heart and mind of the One, Great, Almighty God! :)

everything in my life is a blessing. none of it is my own. i love being reminded and encouraged every single day about how amazing and wonderful my God is :)

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